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You are visiting the personal website of Asif Maniar, Software Engineer, working in New York city. Here you'll will find information about my work, education, projects and other random stuff.

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My entry New York Mapper won the popular choice award at the Media Mash 2012 Challenge!

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Just finished earning an MCPD in SharePoint!

Participated in the Media Mash 2012 Challenge @ Challenge Post. My entry New York Mapper won the popular choice award. More details

Attended a Windows Phone 7 jumpstart event in New York. Very excited about the new OS and tools available for Developers. More details

Launched a personal project called Silverlight Soup. Coded in jQuery, this is a mashup which aggregates Silverlight content from various blogs, websites and social networks like Digg, Twitter and Delicious.

Recently had the chance to attend a presentation by ECCO Design Inc. ECCO works together with clients to develop strategic business objectives behind product design, packaging, and graphics. Their strategy and methodology is indeed very impressive.

Here at LBi we had some people from online customer management firm Teaf Leaf talk about their product. Tealeaf enables you to see your customers' actual online experiences, analyze their motivations and ultimately, gain insight as to why abandonment or other site actions occur. They have a very impressive product and we hope to work with them soon.

I have been interested in cloud computing for some time now and thanks to the Windows Azure team was able to sign up for their CTP. Windows Azure provides a reliable and scalable hosting platform that allows developers to focus on the business logic of the application, without worrying about operational constraints. Have used it to host a my website and like it so far.

Have been playing with the Facebook Developer C# SDK for writing Facebook applications using the .NET platform. Used to code Sleek Album.

I earned my Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) credential. I had an MCP and a MCTS (.NET 2.0 Web) earlier and have always found these exams very helpful in further developing my skills.